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Kök- och matrum - Lucide

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Kitchen and dining room lighting options for everyone

The choice of kitchen/dining room light is an integral part of furnishing your home. Most people choose a combination of traditional kitchen chandeliers (the main light) with the addition of lights under your cabinet or cupboard, which you will work on when preparing meals. Proper under-counter lighting helps you with avoiding accidents in the kitchen. For example there is a lower chance you might cut yourself when slicing vegetables and it also provides you with a good view of the batches of ingredients needed to prepare individual meals. Let´s take a look at the best under-cupboard lighting you can get!

You have several options for light under the cabinet, whether you choose energy-saving with long lifespan LED kitchen under cabinet/cupboard lighting, or LED strip lighting you can not go wrong. Besides, you can also find in our kitchen lighting offer so-called unit lights, which function as spotlights or fluorescent light, which illuminate your kitchen and add a smooth atmosphere.

But that's not all, because we also offer you various sockets you might need for your kitchen and kitchen accessories such as a water leak detector, kettles in various designs, kitchen scales, meat thermometers and many others to complement your kitchen design.

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