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Trädgårdslampor - Eglo

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Solar garden lights and other garden lighting

If you decide to light up your garden, we have several options for you to do so. Outdoor Lighting for the house can be divided into 3 imaginary categories according to the power supply. We start with casual LED garden lights, which are powered via a plug, the second category are outdoor lights, which run on batteries and, last but not least, very popular solar garden lights, which are powered directly from the sun.

Save yourself extra activites with sensor lights

For the garden areas, where you are not playing on staying and you just think about them like „walk-through“ parts you may consider choosing a solar light with a motion sensor (or any motion sensor outdoor light indeed). This type of lighting will provide you with effortless lighting for a certain amount of time which will free you from switching on/off the light for example in situations when it´s not so convenient like during the night.

Outdoor chandeliers and party lighting

For those of you who style the garden in a certain „fashion“ or would like to get more vintage-looking lighting, we have pendant outdoor lighting category, where you can choose from hundreds of different chandeliers. And for those of you, who like to keep a party going we have outdoor laser projectors, which can find a great spot in your garden and bring some „fun“ to the facade of your home from the outside.

Look at our garden lights sale as well, to get great lighting for great prices!

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