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Golvlampor - Briloner

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Standing and floor lamps for a living room or bedroom

Also called floor or stand lamps are an integral part of living room lighting, but besides a living room, you can also use them in other rooms. Besides classic floor lamps with one light source, you can choose a lamp equipped with a side lamp, which can serve also as a reading lamp.

Dimmable floor lamps

Very popular are also dimmable lamps , which are either equipped with a dimmer placed directly on a lamp or they have an external dimmer. They can be also controlled using a remote control. You can often find them under the name floor lamps with a lighting regulator.

Which floor lamps are in high demand?

Nowadays, floor lamps are experiencing a renaissance, very popular are designer lamps in northern style with most of them being wood and full colors. The lamps with copper and bronze color also have a retro appearance. Spot lamps are practical as they are directional, that way they allow you to illuminate different corners of the room. All modern lamps allow you to choose between classic light bulbs and LED lighting.

In our e-shop, you will find cheap room lamps and floor lamps, in addition to many designs and colors - modern floor lamps are available in black, white, gold or brightly colored floor lamps for children.

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